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Workers Comp

Workers Compensation insurance

Workers' compensation insurance protects employees and employers from liabilities associated with workplace injury and death. Workers’ compensation can provide medical care, disability, rehabilitation, and survivor benefits to those injured or killed in work-related accidents.

What's typically covered

Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees for injuries and illnesses sustained in the course and scope of employment, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Disability payments
  • Rehabilitation and recovery costs
  • Partial missed wages
  • Funeral costs and survivor benefits
  • Workers’ compensation insurance also covers an employer’s legal defense fees and settlements/judgments, should an injured employee sue for a WC-ineligible workplace injury.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance does not cover every workplace injury. Coverage may be denied if any of the following apply to the injury:
    • Originated outside the workplace
    • Self-inflicted
    • Resulted from a fight started by the employee
    • Related to a felony
    • Claimed after an employee is terminated or laid off
    • Caused while the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol


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